Friday, 5 October 2007


The word Athiesm brings up a bad taste in your mouth - as though you have not gargled your mouth properly. there is nothing basically wrong with the word as such, but it always used in regard to the superficialities of religion.
A person should be rational and humane. Should be willing to percieve change and move with the times. Most importantly they should rid themselves of superstitions. Though we take pride in calling ourselves highly literate, superstitions haunt people at every step. We believe more in grandmother tales than in rationality. It is high time we change this attitude.


reezan said...

Atheism is the integral theme of Charvaka philosophy that is an integral part of the ancient Indian wisdom that we all have inherited. The problem arises when one announces that she is an atheist. That is why some people use sugarcoated words like `deist', `non-theist', `non-believer',`sceptic', `agnostic' etc. Whether one likes the word or not, the planet continues to be a beautiful one for those who looks at the universe with a sense of awe and wonder. Believing in a god who listens to our prayers, who will support our team in the match and intervenes in a plethora of mundane things is nothing short of stupidity

shirin said...

i think announcing yourself atheist is a little bit hard for people.
when my physics teacher while talking about somehting,asked who dosint belive in god, i felt to raise my hand, but did not do so.
infact, all of my friends know that iam. but the funny thing is they dont really know the actuall meaning of atheism.
well, i think wat i, and all of them facing my situation, should do is sharpen the edges of ur mind. feel courageous and proud to say,'i am an atheist'